Thursday, December 17, 2009

Listening to- Meet Me On The Equinox- Death Cab For Cutie

I've been a huge Death Cab fan for a few years now, they are definitely one of my favorite bands. While I like this song a lot, I'm not really too keen on the video, I guess it's the whole Twilight thing that I don't like. Anyway enjoy the song!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I've Got Your Love to Keep Me Warm

Yay, we finally had some snow here today! So it's actually starting to feel like winter now, which means I have to start wearing warm outfits. Even thought I have lived in Canada my whole life and I love the winter, I have never really mastered the art of looking cute and stylish while staying warm. For some reason I always feel silly when I'm wearing a hat so I never wear one and my poor little ears freeze! But this year I bought myself a cute little hand knit hat(or toque as we Canucks call it. Is a hat called a toque in the U.S?) at a craft show and it actually looks really cute on (if I do say so myself!) so I'm actually excited about wearing it. Anyway here are some cold weather looks that I'll be taking inspiration from this winter. Oh and P.S. even though I'm not a hat person I'm really loving those fur hats!

Pictures Via StyleCliker, The Sartorialist and Style and the City

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside

It has been unseasonably warm where I live this year. So although it`s the beginning of December I haven`t really had to wear a winter coat yet. I know we`ve just been lucky and that the snow and cold will be here before we know it so I figured that I better start looking for a warm coat now before it`s too late.
So here is my list of some cute options I found online. I`m seriously considering getting the black one with the ruffles, I think it`s really cute, and $85 is a pretty reasonable price for something I`ll be wearing till March. Oh, but that red one from Anthropologie would definitely brighten up a grey winter, unfortunately I`m in no position to be forking over $375.